Fifty-Nine years of Photojournalism by Chick , fine art Photography by Yvonne , and a bit of fun. Licensing Available

My Presidents II 1981 to 2001 US News & World Report

In 1981 Harrity left the AP to move to US News & World Report magazine where he stayed until 2001 making a total of 33 years in the Nations Capital covering both the White House and Capitol Hill.  Harrity had photographed John F. Kennedy while working for the Reading Times and when in Washington he covered 8 more Presidents making a total of 9 during his career.

He relocated to Calistoga, CA in 2001, where he is currently the Photo Coach and occasional contributing photographer for the Calistoga Tribune, a thriving weekly newspaper with a circulation of 1,200.

Harrity was awarded the White House News Photographers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 and the National Press Photographers Association’s Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award in 2013. Other major awards include the Leica Medal of Excellence for Photojournalism, the White House Photographers Association’s Photographer of the Year and the Associated Press’s Managing Editors Award of Excellence.