Fifty-Nine years of Photojournalism by Chick , fine art Photography by Yvonne , and a bit of fun. Licensing Available
I like to work on three projects at the same time.   Photographing pools underwater I dream of photographing:  Julia Morgan pools in Maui and at the Hearst Castle , Sinatra Pool, David Hockney Pool, Venetian Pool Coral Gables, Raleigh Hotel  Miami  and the White House Pool.   This year I began a new project. Every couple of  months I invite  five or six people to our home for a story party. Each guest is asked to recall a piece of clothing or fabric that has a vivid memory…a story associated with it.   This is an organic art project…I am not in total control and that’s the kind of art I like.  This is not just about writing it is about creating a stage upon which  a  book  is  writing itself, Threadbare Stories©. “I am still absorbing the wonderful stories and feelings expressed on Sunday. There is certainly a thread that connects us, and a resultant sense of community. Thank you for including me .” CR. “Your project is colorful and thought provoking. I love the way you imparted confidence for me to share what may only have remained as thoughts, to be expressed in . I can see […] Read More