Fifty-Nine years of Photojournalism by Chick , fine art Photography by Yvonne , and a bit of fun. Licensing Available

Yvonne’s Portfolio


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"From outside you can't understand it. From inside you can't explain it." unknown swimmer Read more!


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The  camera and I spent 2 years photographing with the wind. The 47  photographs became part of a performance art piece combining images with literature.  “Not  I, Not I, but  the wind that blows thru  me.” by D.H. Lawrence. I would choose a bright, windy day and locate structure. Then, setting the exposure I would close my eyes and feel the wind. When I became ‘with the wind’  the camera would sway as the shutter was pressed. By not looking thru the viewfinder when the shot was taken I was allowing the wind to co-create.  Embracing an unknown variable is the most enjoyable , if not sacred, part of the creative process.                     Read more!

Shredded Photographs

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Some photographs simply don’t print as expected. Rather than create trash the photographs are shredded, cut, torn, and otherwise disassembled. When the creative distruction muse appears they are tossed, strewn, and blown across varying backgrounds. When ‘something interesting’ appears the results are photographed.   Read more!


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Organic produce emits an energy that other produce does not.   1 2 1 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 Read more!