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September 06, 2015 yvonne Henry Yvonne's Blog Posts 0 comments

I like to work on three projects at the same time.


  1. Photographing pools underwater I dream of photographing:  Julia Morgan pools in Maui and at the Hearst Castle , Sinatra Pool, David Hockney Pool, Venetian Pool Coral Gables, Raleigh Hotel  Miami  and the White House Pool.


  1. This year I began a new project. Every couple of  months I invite  five or six people to our home for a story party. Each guest is asked to recall a piece of clothing or fabric that has a vivid memory…a story associated with it.   This is an organic art project…I am not in total control and that’s the kind of art I like.  This is not just about writing it is about creating a stage upon which  a  book  is  writing itself, Threadbare Stories©. “I am still absorbing the wonderful stories and feelings expressed on Sunday. There is certainly a thread that connects us, and a resultant sense of community. Thank you for including me .” CR.cs “Your project is colorful and thought provoking. I love the way you imparted confidence for me to share what may only have remained as thoughts, to be expressed in . I can see it on the NY Times Best Seller list .” N.S. cheongsam“It is time I come out from behind my props and speak/create with a personal voice. A great enlightenment that your story event helped expose!” L.D.” His Jacket tells his story” J.T.
  1. Another  goal is to establish eleven outdoor sculptures on the Calistoga Bike Path.bridge ride Each sculpture must be made out of bicycle parts because Calistoga desires to be seen as a GREEN community. Every couple of months I put a new bicycle sculpture in the front yard to maintain interestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    in this slow moving project.





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